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Topics including boosting innovation and entrepreneurship, improving the social security system and increasing vocational training were some of the highlights of the 2017 BRICS Labor and Employment Ministers" Meeting, which concluded in Chongqing on Wednesday.

More than 100 people, including labor and employment ministers from BRICS countries, representatives from international organizations such as the International Labor Organization and International Social Security Association attended the two-day meeting.

Yin Weimin, China"s minister of Human Resources and Social Security, said at the meeting that developments in science and technology, the restructuring of the economy and changes in demographics have brought new challenges for labor that require BRICS members to work together and come up with better solutions.

Guy Ryder, director-general of the International Labor Organization, said at the meeting that the strategic positioning of the BRICS countries and their weight and dynamism in the global economy mean that they are all addressing these challenges, both globally and nationally.

"You face sometimes very different national circumstances, but there are common issues to be confronted equally," Ryder said. "And that is why coordination and sharing of experience and good practices between you makes such obvious sense."

Yin said he had five proposals to boost cooperation in the field of labor, which he hoped would add to the welfare of people in BRICS countries, including enhancing employment to achieve inclusive growth, promoting skills training to alleviate poverty and deepening cooperation on social security to ensure mutual benefits.

He also said the Chinese government has maintained a people-centered development path and has implemented proactive employment policies to ensure a stable job situation nationwide.

Data from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security show that at least 12 million people in urban areas of China were employed each year during the past five years, and a total of 65 million people landed jobs.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate in urban areas has been kept under 4.1 percent, below the limit of 4.5 percent set by the government.

"People"s employment quality has been continuously improved through vocational skills training offered by the government. Meanwhile, a complete social security system will ensure people"s livelihoods," he said.

The meeting concluded with the signing of four documents including the Declaration of the 2017 BRICS Labor and Employment Ministers" Meeting.

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